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  Festool 498568 SysLite LED Worklamp
Festool 498568 SysLite LED Worklamp


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This is a Festool Tool - That means you get 30 days to decide if you really want it. You're protected. Take the plunge and see if this light is all it's hyped up to be.

The Festool cordless range gets a very welcome addition in the form of the all-new SysLite LED Worklamp. This is no regular flashlight. But you��ll see that for yourself.

Whether you work under a cabinet or in a crawlspace, up in an attic or outdoors, the SysLite��s robust build and shock-resistant body is easy to carry and designed to perform when needed most. An ultra-bright, balanced light source, the SysLite casts a brilliant and consistent white light, so your customers will see the smallest details as well as the big picture.

Super rugged and durable and powered by 6 LEDs, the light has a run time of up to four hours. Each side of the Festool Syslite has a different angle allowing you to manipulate the light into the perfect position for any and every task. Under a cabinet, in a crawlspace, up in the attic, outside at night and more. Can also work off of a Festool cordless battery or plug directly into the wall for unlimited runtime! 170 degrees of even light dispersion that goes wherever you do.

Multiple Power Options The SysLite features a long-lasting internal battery as its main power source, but can be easily charged or run with the included wall and car chargers, or even on a Festool charger or battery.


Let��s be honest, among tool nuts, work lighting is not one of the most discussed topics, but it certainly can be one of the most frustrating. Lighting is a disappointing necessity on jobs and lights are highly disposable for the most part. Leave it to Festool to offer a better way. Here is our take on what makes the Syslite a must have:

Not Halogen
First thing you need to know is that this is an LED light, meaning that there are no large and fragile bulbs inside. Just small diodes. Because it is LED, bulbs never burn out, break or need to be replaced, at least not for a long, long time. Generally, LED lights are rated with about a 10 year life expectancy, which far exceeds their halogen and fluorescent counterparts. Halogens run too hot and the bulbs need to be replaced frequently. Fluorescents are fragile and contain mercury, making them a poor long term solution to the lighting problem.

Advantages of a Syslite over traditional work lights:
1. Syslite is a cool (temperature) light, with no wasted energy lost in the form of heat
2. Safety: Not a fire or burn hazard
3. No lost time, frustration or cost in bulb failures
4. It is a true white light, not hot yellow
5. Compact and easy to transport

Those are the practical advantages. The slam dunk factors include:
1. Cordless for mobility and convenience
2. Up to 4 hours off one charge (low setting)
3. Plugs in to double as a fully functional corded light (wall outlet or 12 volt car outlet)
4. Has a hook for the classic dropcord utility light feel and functionality

The Syslite is a Festool tool, but one critical quality distinguishes it from the other tools: After purchase, it requires nothing from you but the use of an outlet once in a while. Nothing to replace, wear out, or keep on hand for it. If you use it a ton, you are more likely to someday wear out the internal battery, in which case the light will still work in corded mode and will still accept external batteries from most other recent Festool cordless tools, with the exception of the CXS battery.

A Little Dose of Outerspace
The Festool syslite, when being used in a cordless capacity, can illuminate tight, dark spaces such as attics and crawlspaces, occupying little space, is easy to carry and brings plenty of light. Clearly, this light is a good companion for those rough jobs.

However, it is important to note that because of the quality of white light and compact ergonomics, we expect it to gain traction with cabinet and finish specialists. It is an ideal inspection light to accompany finicky finish sanding tasks of joints and cosmetics, and that it is also the perfect way to inspect finishes that are wet.
Finishers Delight
Many of our customers venture regularly into the realm of sprayed finishes, and the Syslite is an ideal companion in that arena. Finishers can now safely task light in spray situations without fear of their head exploding from heat emission in the presence of catalyzed chemicals. Light without heat also allows for complete inspection of wet coats without concern for the heat of the light inducing premature drying of finishes that are still laying down.

Syslite Package
The Syslite is priced under $250. Obviously, you don��t have to throw out too many burned out $75 worklights into the dumpster before this starts looking like a solid investment. The Syslite is backed by the legendary Festool 3 year warranty. The kit does not come with a systainer, but is housed in a padded, compartmentalized and zippered bag that holds the wall charger, car charger and the light itself.

Tips for Day to Day Use
There are two settings for brightness on this light: high and low. Most users prefer the high setting, which gives you about 1.5 hours of use. This allows you to start the day fully charged and able to be in cordless mode with the light until the internal battery charge declines, at which point, you can slap on an external battery from one of your other Festool cordless tools, or simply plug it in. Anytime it is not in use, plug it in so it can be charging for the next cordless task. And most importantly, bring it home with you at the end of the day �� charging in the cigarette lighter �� you will use it a lot during off hours. We promise.

Not just for Work
Unlike your other work tools, the Syslite is a handy companion to have around during the other 16 hours of your day, which often include the need for additional lighting. Keep it in the truck or shop, and we assure you that anytime you would ordinarily reach for a flashlight, you will now reach for a Syslite. There have been reports trickling in of Syslites finding their way along for camping trips and other family outings, and it is certainly the most likely of all your Festool��s to show up with you at hunting camp. does not condone drinking, nor using knives in the dark with the Sys Lite. We especially frown on doing both together.

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