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  Festool 561432 TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Track Circular Saw
Festool 561432 TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Track Circular Saw in T-Loc Systainer (Replaces 561174) - Festoolproducts.com

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From Festoolproducts.com

We can go on and on for hours about the Festool 561432 TS 55 Plunge Cut Track Saw. Simply put, it's more capable than a $3,000+ cabinet saw, the quality of cut is equal to that of aforementioned cabinet saw & it fits in the truck or your convertible. Oh and by the way, it's 1/6th the price of that big, heavy $3,000 cabinet saw...$500 to be exact.

For starters the Festool 561432 TS 55 Plunge Cut Track Saw is variable speed and is spec'd to handle many different blades. This means the perfect speed and blade are available no matter the material you plan on cutting. From hardwoods, to softwoods to solid surface materials, the capabilities are endless.

Couple the myriad of available blades and it's variable speed with an endless amount of tracks in various sizes (you can connect them too if you're not satisfied with stock track sizes) with a splinter guard on both sides of the blade and the quality of cut is second to none. Razor sharp, splinter free and perfectly straight. If your splinter guard wears out they are easily replaced, on the blade as well as the track. Zero clearance splinter guards are the way of the future for most, but on a Festool saw, it's the norm.

A riving knife, like that of a $3,000 cabinet saw, prevents kick back as well as binding as you make your way through the toughest of cuts. The knife is retractable as well as removable.

Dust extraction. You can't talk about a Festool tool without mentioning supreme dust extraction. As if the bullet points mentioned above weren't enough, this saw, when coupled with a Festool CT Dust Extractor, is a veritable saw dust eating animal. You'd think you were working in a large shop with a $30,000 Oneida Cyclone setup. You're not. It's a compact, versatile system you're employing. The dust hose is available in many different sizes to allow for the largest of chips. The 36 & 27mm hoses simply slide into or over the dust port on the saw, dependent on which hose you choose. We recommend the 36mm to catch those larger chips!

Ergonomics are never overlooked in Europe. Phew! We say that because the competition certainly overlooked comfort and ease of use with their cheap imitations. The Festool Plunge Cut Track Saws pivot smoothly when plunging into the material, only one hand needed. You'll find that the plunge release, trigger and variable speed are all easily and intuitively accessible.

The new Festool 561432 TS 55 Plunge Cut Track Saw comes packaged in the new T-Loc Systainer.

From the Manufacturer

Festool TS saws deliver radial arm saw, miter saw, and table saw performance, with panel saw-precision in a versatile, portable design. Why struggle with cutting large pieces like plywood with traditional stationary equipment? Take the tool to the work with the TS saw and guide rail system. TS saws allow you to make rip cuts and cross-cuts in sheet goods quickly and easily without having to maneuver material through a stationary machine. Make angled, beveled, and compound cuts at virtually any angle with the highest level of precision while providing a perfect edge. The TS 55 has redefined the standards for circular saws. A host of refinements were incorporated to create a saw that is lighter, easier to handle, and more accurate than traditional saws. You get almost 2 inches of cutting capacity when used with the guide rail and the 55 mm cutting depth. The plunge action allows you to make precision cut-outs on wood surfaces and flooring. When used with included Festool guide rails, you have ultimate control over the TS saw for perfectly straight cuts. Add the replaceable splinterguard, and a splinter-free cut is achievable on both sides of the blade. Set the guide rail to your marks and know that you will cut right on the line, regardless of the angle every time. Plunge-cutting action with simple depth adjustment allows you to expose only the part of the blade necessary for the cut. The plunge action allows cut placement anywhere on the cut line for straight cuts or cut-outs into material. Spring-loaded riving knife (splitter) retracts into the housing during plunge-cuts. The riving knife keeps the cut kerf open so that the material does not pinch the blade. This reduces the chance of kickback. Variable speed allows you to match the speed of the saw to the material. The electronics also maintain a consistent speed under load, improving cut performance and protecting the saws motor from thermal and current overload. Made in Germany.

Read about the FIRST Festool Circular Saw in the US - Talk about reliability!

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