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Product Substitutions

Over time Festool substitutes old model numbers. A list of old numbers and their new corresponding numbers can be found below.
This list will be updated periodically.

Old Product # New Product # Description Discontinued
5707385707894 1/2" rotary sander RAS 1152/9/2011
445597497566Systainer SYS 4 empty2/9/2011
492950493108Abrasive P220 Br2 D5 100x2/9/2011
561097561443Jigsaw TRION PS 300 EQ2/9/2011
574307574332Domino Joiner DF 500 Q2/9/2011
574539574553Planer HL 850 E2/9/2011
487431497690Systainer SYS-STF D1502/9/2011
5716105718175" random orbit sander ETS 1252/9/2011
561188561438Circular Saw TS 75 EQ2/9/2011
445433497563Systainer SYS 1 empty2/9/2011
561174561432Circular Saw TS 55 EQ2/9/2011
574277574354Router OF 22002/9/2011
491488493024Abrasive P100 Bri D7" 100x2/9/2011
5715945717606" dual mode sander RO 150 FEQ2/9/2011
691125691132Air sander LEX 2 150/72/9/2011
489482495978Abrasive P50 Rub D6" 5x2/9/2011
567669567696Orbital 1/2 sheet sander RS 22/9/2011
496307495373Saw blade alu/plastic 56t2/9/2011
487433497688Systainer SYS-STF 115x228mm2/9/2011
5717605718106" dual mode sander RO 150 FEQ2/9/2011
5717385717946" rand. orb. sander ETS 150/52/9/2011
487552497694Systainer SYS 1 Box2/9/2011
574266574339Router OF 1010 EQ2/9/2011
574543574549Planer EHL 65 E2/9/2011
495664497704Sys. Assortm.4/5/6/8/10 x12552/9/2011
5715365717825" dual mode sander RO 1252/9/2011
495969495321KAPEX extension, left2/8/2011
496620484105Abrasive P24 Sap D6" 5x2/8/2011
583291584100Hole drilling set in systainer2/8/2011
M0040MDM-06Door mat2/8/2011
492949493107Abrasive P180 Br2 D5 100x2/8/2011
492396497657Guide rail accessory kit2/8/2011
495249497656Accessory kit imperial2/8/2011
567817567863Orbital rect. sander RTS 4002/8/2011
492952493110Abrasive P400 Br2 D5 100x2/8/2011
492945493103Abrasive P80 Br2 D5 50x2/8/2011
445596497565Systainer SYS 3 empty2/8/2011
5717265717866" rand. orb. sander ETS 150/32/8/2011
495384493351Saw blade steel 36t2/8/2011
574267574342Router OF 1400 EQ2/8/2011
454766497700Tradesmen/instal. cleaning set2/8/2011
491642498045Foam insert bottom2/8/2011
567825567871Orbital delta sander DTS 4002/8/2011
561123561455Jigsaw TRION PSB 300 EQ2/8/2011
496153497852Systainer SYS-2 attic2/8/2011
486382496145StickFix sanding pad ss D62/8/2011
491640498044Foam insert lid2/8/2011
495381493199Saw blade fine tooth 52t2/8/2011
492946493104Abrasive P100 Br2 D5 100x2/8/2011
495382493200Saw blade laminate 60t2/8/2011
495248497655Accessory kit, metric2/8/2011
495968495318KAPEX extension, right2/8/2011
486381496160StickFix sanding pad soft D62/8/2011
495378493196Saw blade panther 16t TS 752/8/2011
492951493109Abrasive P320 Br2 D5 100x2/8/2011
491301497658Tool organizer2/8/2011
489463497685Systainer SYS-STF D1252/8/2011
445434497564Systainer SYS 2 empty2/7/2011
495380493198Saw blade universal 36t2/7/2011
487485497696Systainer SYS 2 Vari2/7/2011
454769497702Universal cleaning set2/7/2011
486399496619Abrasive P180 Rub D6" 50x2/7/2011
567777567852Linear sander LS 1302/7/2011
454767497701Workshop cleaning set2/7/2011
497482497687Systainer STF-RO 90 DX2/7/2011
496606495978Abrasive P50 Rub D6 10x2/7/2011
495383493201Saw blade alu/plastic 72t2/7/2011
487925497695Systainer SYS-OF D8/D122/7/2011
487410497693Systainer SYS 1 Vari2/4/2011
5716835718233.5" dual mode sander RO 90 DX2/4/2011
5715415717386" rand. orb. sander ETS 150/52/4/2011
5715405717266" rand. orb. sander ETS 150/32/4/2011
567738567856Gear-drive delta sander DX 932/4/2011
495379493197Saw blade standard, 18t2/3/2011
487427497877Foam insert set2/3/2011
493283497567Systainer SYS 5 empty2/3/2011
487435497684Systainer SYS-STF 80x133mm2/3/2011
494874497703Domino assort. Syst. - Empty1/31/2011
456736497697Compact cleaning set1/31/2011
453388701156Pad / base seal1/28/2011
492143494465Collet w/ nut 1/21/26/2011
493914496151Polishing pad FastFix D61/26/2011
485748496152Polishing pad D61/26/2011
487428497878Diced foam insert1/25/2011
487432497683Systainer SYS-STF D1151/21/2011
492340496636Abrasive P220 Ti2 D6" 100x1/19/2011
492979496585Abrasive P40 Br2 D6 50x1/14/2011
493024491488Abrasive P100 Br2 D7 100x1/13/2011
492138495227Charger LC 451/12/2011
487194497692Systainer SYS 1 Uni1/10/2011
495482497504Swivel lever12/17/2010
494046496605Abrasive P120 Cri D6" 100x12/16/2010
5775958434DW OF1400/1010 adapter12/15/2010
494518495481Battery 12v 1.3A NiCd12/15/2010
471911479703Rubber collar12/14/2010
493916496147StickFix sanding pad soft D612/14/2010
486392496612Abrasive P24 Rub D6" 50x12/8/2010
494520494522Battery 12v 2.4A NiCd12/8/2010
484850496150StickFix sanding pad hard D612/6/2010
492344496640Abrasive P360 Ti2 D6" 100x11/23/2010
493664496630Abrasive P60 Ti2 D6" 50x11/15/2010
492339496635Abrasive P180 Ti2 D6" 100x11/9/2010
492982496588Abrasive P100 Br2 D6 100x11/9/2010
492336496632Abrasive P100 Ti2 D6" 100x11/9/2010
492341496637Abrasive P240 Ti2 D6" 100x11/8/2010
491935496148Longlife sanding pad soft D611/5/2010
493917496144StickFix sanding pad ss D611/5/2010
439685495372Saw blade panther 14t11/4/2010
495376496304Saw blade universal 28t11/2/2010
492985496591Abrasive P180 Br2 D6 100x11/2/2010
495975496582Abrasive P120 Br2 D6 10x10/29/2010
492342496638Abrasive P280 Ti2 D6" 100x10/28/2010
492345492355Abrasive P400 Ti2 D6" 100x10/27/2010
492345496641Abrasive P400 Ti2 D6" 100x10/27/2010
494042496601Abrasive P40 Cri D6" 50x10/26/2010
487633497687Systainer SYS-STF 93V10/25/2010
492343496639Abrasive P320 Ti2 D6" 100x10/25/2010
492337496633Abrasive P120 Ti2 D6" 100x10/25/2010
494045496604Abrasive P100 Cri D6" 100x10/20/2010
492027497812Bearing bolt10/20/2010
495980496608Abrasive P100 Rub D6" 10x10/19/2010
491823494526Battery 15.6 3Ah NIMH10/11/2010
495979496607Abrasive P80 Rub D6" 10x10/8/2010
495981496609Abrasive P120 Rub D6" 10x10/8/2010
486396496616Abrasive P100 Rub D6" 50x10/6/2010
492346496642Abrasive P500 Ti2 D6" 100x10/6/2010
483164495207Splinter guard 1400 55"10/5/2010
MAM0705MAM0704Manual Air Module10/5/2010
492335496631Abrasive P80 Ti2 D6" 50x10/1/2010
486390496626Abrasive P50 Sap D6" 25x9/30/2010
494043496602Abrasive P60 Cri D6" 50x9/28/2010
494068497771Gear housing9/28/2010
492212496647Interface pad soft D69/27/2010
491621496939Guide rail FS1080-LR32 holes9/24/2010
492347496643Abrasive P800 Ti2 D6" 100x9/22/2010
490584492744Abrasive P80 Tit D7" 50x9/22/2010
495978496606Abrasive P50 Rub D6" 10x9/22/2010
486389496625Abrasive P36 Sap D6" 25x9/21/2010
494044496603Abrasive P80 Cri D6" 50x9/20/2010
486393496613Abrasive P36 Rub D6" 50x9/16/2010
493035496042Gear shaft9/16/2010
459184495798Gear shaft9/14/2010
492989496595Abrasive P400 Br2 D6 100x9/13/2010
492987496593Abrasive P240 Br2 D6 100x9/13/2010
492983496589Abrasive P120 Br2 D6 100x9/13/2010
490698496905FastFix keyless chuck, repl.9/10/2010
492984496590Abrasive P150 Br2 D6 100x9/3/2010
495373496307Saw blade alu/plastic 56t9/2/2010
493915496149StickFix sanding pad hard D68/27/2010
400851479745Ball bearing8/23/2010
492980496586Abrasive P60 Br2 D6 50x8/23/2010
PB3691134PB366911346" Sander LEX2 150/3 package B8/17/2010
492988496594Abrasive P320 Br2 D6 100x8/16/2010
486397496617Abrasive P120 Rub D6" 50x8/4/2010
486391496627Abrasive P80 Sap D6" 25x8/3/2010
492986496592Abrasive P220 Br2 D6 100x7/30/2010
495977492978Abrasive P320 Br2 D6 10x7/28/2010
495977496584Abrasive P320 Br2 D6 10x7/28/2010
492981496587Abrasive P80 Br2 D6 50x7/23/2010
486398496618Abrasive P150 Rub D6" 50x7/23/2010
488468495207Splinter guard 800 32"7/23/2010
446867467745Systainer insert7/22/2010
495976496583Abrasive P180 Br2 D6 10x7/21/2010
495985496597Abrasive P60 Cri D6" 10x7/21/2010
486394496614Abrasive P50 Rub D6" 50x7/21/2010
495984496596Abrasive P40 Cri D6" 10x7/14/2010
PA3691132PA366911326" Sander LEX2 150/7 package A7/13/2010
486388496624Abrasive P24 Sap D6" 25x7/13/2010
495987496599Abrasive P100 Cri D6" 10x7/13/2010
492037489281Plexiglas template7/7/2010
486395496615Abrasive P80 Rub D6" 50x7/7/2010
492338496634Abrasive P150 Ti2 D6" 100x6/28/2010
495988496600Abrasive P120 Cri D6" 10x6/25/2010
691126691134Air sander LEX 2 150/36/23/2010
PA3691134PA366911346" Sander LEX2 150/3 package A6/23/2010
466247474777Systainer insert6/21/2010
470622496034Stop, right6/11/2010
491482493021Abrasive P40 Bri D7" 50x6/4/2010
495986496598Abrasive P80 Cri D6" 10x6/3/2010
489483495980Abrasive P100 Rub D6" 5x6/2/2010
489484496609Abrasive P120 Rub D6" 5x5/27/2010
454758496929IAS 2 double adapter5/27/2010
487742492629Brushes, 2pc5/17/2010
495628495803Gear housing5/17/2010
5843359754DW Holder, TDK5/13/2010
492142494464Collet w/ nut 3/85/10/2010
489432479863Sys insert hole drill set acc.4/30/2010
488467495209Splinter guard 3000 118"4/12/2010
484105496620Abrasive P24 Sap D6" 5x4/9/2010
PB3691124PB366911247" Sander LEX2 185/7 package B4/8/2010
463521473177Systainer insert3/29/2010
494607495385Saw blade aluminum 68 tooth2/24/2010
490582493022Abrasive P60 Bri D7" 50x2/4/2010
493301495664Sys. Assortm. 5/6/8/10 x11052/2/2010
5840959301DW Machine Support1/22/2010
495375496309Saw blade lamin./ 48t1/18/2010
PC3691134PC366911346" Sander LEX2 150/3 package C1/13/2010
PC3691132PC366911326" Sander LEX2 150/7 package C1/11/2010
493348495481Battery 12v 1.3A NiCd1/8/2010
PA3691124PC366911247" Sander LEX2 185/7 package A1/7/2010
492141494463Collet w/ nut 1/412/28/2009
490583493023Abrasive P80 Bri D7" 50x12/18/2009
489578492364Abrasive P1500 Tit D5" 100x11/25/2009
495972496579Abrasive P40 Br2 D6 10x11/24/2009
M0112496925LED light, 12+111/24/2009
489381492370Abrasive S800 Pla D6" 25x10/5/2009
493120495995Abrasive P50 Rub D5" 5x9/21/2009
492954493112Abrasive P180 Br2 D5 5x9/15/2009
492954495993Abrasive P180 Br2 D5 5x9/15/2009
495374496305Saw blade Standard 12t9/15/2009
484107495979Abrasive P80 Rub D6" 5x9/3/2009
489403493867Fine sponge 30mm D6 5x8/31/2009
489115493874Fine sponge hc 20mm D6 5x8/31/2009
494038495985Abrasive P60 Cri D6" 5x8/24/2009
494037495984Abrasive P40 Cri D6" 5x8/18/2009
493123495998Abrasive P120 Rub D5" 5x8/14/2009
PB3691132PB366911326" Sander LEX2 150/7 package B8/6/2009
494030496004Abrasive P100 Cri D5" 5x8/5/2009
488345493845Sponge coarse, 20mm D6" 1x8/5/2009
494041495988Abrasive P120 Cri D6" 5x7/20/2009
494040495987Abrasive P100 Cri D6" 5x7/13/2009
494028496002Abrasive P60 Cri D5" 5x7/10/2009
494029496003Abrasive P80 Cri D5" 5x7/10/2009
494027496001Abrasive P40 Cri D5" 5x7/7/2009
494031496005Abrasive P120 Cri D5" 5x6/16/2009
494039495986Abrasive P80 Cri D6" 5x5/28/2009
490342493174D. field coil5/15/2009