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Bought the Rol-Air VT25BIG at Toolnut - great price, love the compressor!!

— Don Gold, March 11, 2014

Just discovered PowerToolSuperCenter.com while looking for a good price on replacement planer blades. Their price was great even without considering the free shipping. Delivery was quick and uneventful. Overall an outstanding shopping experience.

I will go to PowerToolSuperCenter.com first for my next tool purchase.

— Paul Schuster, March 7, 2014

At 68 years young I have a lot of customer service experience. The Tool Nut has to be the best web based retailer I have ever dealt with. They communicate. How refreshing to talk to a real person when you are having difficulty ordering. What is more important is that they called me when I inquired about my problem. The people and the company are absolutely are fantastic.

I would definitely recommend buying from them AND if you are unsure about the products, what's in stock, etc, - email them, and they'll get right back with you. I know this sounds like a commercial, but it's not.

They gave me just good old customer service, the kind that makes you want to buy more.

— Jim Holland, March 3, 2014

Great service and shipping! My Festool CT26E was double boxed and the smaller items I ordered were packaged inside my Sys-MFT box and then boxed up for shipment. Everything arrived quickly and in perfect shape.

Customer service wins every time. Thank you for your attention to the details.

— Kelly Snow, March 1, 2014

In this day and age the customer service factor is not a focal point for most businesses, especially online retailers. Tool Nut has shown me that they do care about your business and do everything in their power to make it right. Great prices and wonderful customer service.

You can't go wrong with that recipe. I will continue to purchase from Toolnut.com.

—Greg Ball, January 16, 2014

What's the deal with you guys? How is it that you can offer name brand quality tools cheaper than anyone else? With no sales tax and shipping as well! I don't know and I don't care, I only know that I'll be checking your site for all of my future tools purchases.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

Gary Mesce, December 20, 2013

The Tool Nut provides excellent customer service in addition to top quality products. They respond quickly to inquiries, and promptly ship purchases. I am especially pleased that when I call, there is a live, knowledgeable person to answer the phone. I have purchased several of their products.

Friendly, knowledgeable, customer oriented staff; what a combination!

Keith Vandenheuvel, November 13, 2013
It has been a real Pleasure to deal with The TOOLNUT.com. My order was processed and shipped very quickly! Thanks for the service!

Paul Gesler, October 1, 2013

I always enjoy my stops at The Tool Nut.

The staff is always ready to help in any way to make it fun to look at all the tools and help with questions. The Festool area is my downfall, I can always find something I need...

Jim Long, September 12, 2013
I order about 15 items on the 9th of Sept 2013 and I came home on the 11th of Sept 2013 and there was my order. There was only three small items that had to come directly from Festool that they didn't have in stock. The rest of my Festool order came in well packaged cartons and each item arrived in perfect condition. The Toolnut associate, Brady, was very helpful in my selection of items and knew his product line of Festool. If he didn't know he would call Festool directly and give me the answer to any question that he couldn't answer immediately. Toolnut is as professional as the product line of Festool. If you have a woodworking item that you need, please, and you owe it to yourself, to call Toolnut and talk to Brady.

Jay Rutan, September 12, 2013
First class company with first class customer service. The purchases I have made through Toolnut.com have always arrived as expected and questions were answered quickly. I highly recommend them for your Festool needs.

Serge, August 17, 2013
Thanks for the update and the tracking information. I appreciated your colleague Tom's help twice on the phone yesterday. (I'm aware you have two colleagues named Tom; sorry I don't know which one it was). One time he returned a call not long after I left a message for him. The service he gave made a difference to me. And it was nice to have the drill shipped right away. Thanks again. Jeffrey

Jeffrey Saldinger, September 5, 2013
Hiya, thanks for excellent service. How do I leave effusive feedback?

George Hairston, August 17, 2013
Hi Everyone @ tool nut!

Wanted you to know my first experience with buying a toolbox online was great!

It's my daughter, Erin's fault."Why don't we have individual bags or cases instead of trying to carry everything in just one big tote?" The very next week, I began searching for a better way, I came upon the DeWalt Tough System one day @ a local Home Depot.

I guess I so admired the thought that went into the system, I bought everything they would unpack for me! I own a picture frame shop & so many customers need things hung, that what occurred was a large demand for our hanging service. I grew tired of carrying an 80lb. Tool caddy around; got sooo tired of getting to a home or business & having to run to pick up yet another hanger or a wall mounting kit, or the right masonry bit for the particularly "bad-ass" hammer drill I had to buy!

2 ladders & liability insurance later, I found this set up. It's very heavy altogether, but thank goodness, they separate & if I don't have curb access, I can release the cart from the wall in the van, re-stack & roll in, confident I FINALLY have everything. I look very professional bringing in what I need, well, & after a shower & dressing business casual -haha

I am so pleased with it all & thanks so much for filling the gap & I won't hesitate to check for anything else I need through you first. You were the only (online or b&m) that had the 2-drawer version in stock, anywhere!

Janet Lavin, Jul 12, 2013
Tool Nut YOU ROCK!

These guys never cease to amaze me! I put a call in to Doug yesterday at around 3:30 pm and placed my order. He let me know that their shipping dept was swamped and there was no way they could get it shipped same day. Well, guess what was sitting on my doorstep at 8am this morning!! 16.5 hrs later!!! That's incredible. You guys really pulled through, as you always do!! Thank you.

P.S. that crunch you see in the corner of the cardboard box, no worries. These guys pack like they are shipping new born babies Smilie Face


Hartford, CT, July 3, 2013

I received the replacement part I needed in two days. Upon receipt, I was unsure how to make the repair so I called Festool Products. David, the manager, stayed on the phone the whole time I made the repair. I felt I was struggling and offered to call him back, he said we were 30 seconds from having success. 20 seconds later the repair was complete. I don't have the words to express how impressed I was with their customer service but I can say I have always been impressed with Festool Quality but layer the outstanding customer service on top of that, I am a died in blood Festool customer.
Eloy Santistevan, February 17, 2013
When I shop for tools, it's rarely just about price. I like to purchase tools from companies who care about their customers, from people who will be there for me if I have a problem with a purchase. Tool Nut is one of those places. I knew from the first time I walked into their store that they cared about their customers—they stocked all the little stuff I usually have a hard time finding.
Gary Katz, nationally recognized author & finish carpentry specialist
Great service and fast shipping at ToolNut! I always buy my designer brand tools here!
Les Hastings, February 3, 2013
If I ever need a power tool I would drive out of my way to get to the tool nut!!!!!
Michael John Albrecht, January 7, 2013
Just want to thank you for supplying generators before Hurricane Sandy without price gouging as so many others did. That really demonstrates commitment to your community and customer base. The generator was a lifesaver with our 7 month old baby!
Heather Adams, November 17, 2012
I never shop anywhere else for professional grade tools.
Ridgefield Contracting, September 13, 2012
Great customer service and fast delivery. I buy all my festool purchases at The Tool Nut.
John Felice, October 17, 2012
I bought my lathe here. Best price, free shipping and great service.
Joe Ruden, March 3, 2012