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Festool 495315 MFT/3 Multifunction Table Festool 57000026 CMS-GE Router Table Set Festool 500608 MFT/3 Multifunction Table Basic
Price: $665.00
Price: $1,690.00
Price: $560.00
Festool 495315 MFT/3 Multifunction Table (Replaces 495462) - Festool P00111 CMS-GE Router Table Set - Festool 500608 MFT/3 Multifunction Table Basic -
Festool 495465 MFT/3-Kapex Multifunction Table Festool 57000024 CMS-VL MFT/3 Router Table Set Festool 57000025 CMS-VL MFT/3 Router Table
Price: $460.00
Price: $1,380.00
Price: $1,050.00
Festool 495465 MFT/3-Kapex Multifunction Table - Festool CMS Router Module - Festool P00110 CMS-VL MFT/3 Router Table -

Festool Portable Work Benches

Festools Portable Work Bench

A stable workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations, assembly work and much more. The inability to move the workbench from the workshop to the jobsite can be limiting. The Festool MFT/3 multifunction table system is a versatile, flexible and economical solution that can easily be carried to the jobsite or kept in a workshop.

Festool Portable Work Benches:

  • MFT/3— Offered in a full and basic version and are optimized for a work height of 35-7/16". The basic version is sold with just the table, whereas the full set includes guide rail supports, a guide rail, angle unit, fence rail, clamp and adjustable stop. This makes for the ultimate work station for sawing, routing, sanding and clamping.

  • MFT/3 Kapex— A smaller version of the MFT/3, designed specifically for use with the Festool Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It is lower in height than the traditional MFT/3 and provides a more comfortable workspace. The Kapex's operating height, when on the MFT/3 Kapex is equal to the MFT/3's height of 35-7/16".

Both tables offer a variety of clamping points and options. Use MFT connectors
to connect multiple MFTs together to increase your workspace.

  • CMS System features tremendous adjustability plus a host of features that combine to help you control the work piece for uncompromised results. A smooth-as-glass sliding table, exacting miter gauge, solid extension table, plus featherboard and hold-down options come together to deliver a precise, yet portable routing solution that is at home in the workshop or on the jobsite. The CMS System is available in two primary configurations — a standalone unit and an MFT/3-based model. Each can be purchased as a set, complete with precision-enhancing accessories, or as stripped down versions to be upgraded separately.