Betterley SLC23 StraightLine Connector for Festool Guide Rails

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Betterley SLC23 StraightLine Connector for Festool Guide Rails  -  $99.00


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Whil the accuracy of the cuts produced with track saws can be surprising for a hand held tool, it's no secret that the cuts are only as straight as the guide rail the saw is riding on. It's also no secret that connecting two guide rails together in perfect alignment is no easy task - until now.

Full details
  • Save time - Lock tracks together in seconds and hold them in place while securing guide rail connectors.
  • Accurate - Insures perfectly aligned tracks enabling use of multiple tracks for long cuts.
  • Easy Use - Simply place over joint in tracks and turn locking knobs to secure and align tracks rather than purchasing dedicated long tracks.
  • Universal - Designed to work with Festool tracks.
  • Versatile - Doubles as a precision machined 23" straight edge for machine or tool alignment.
  • Durable - CNC machined from solid aluminum and anodized for a lifetime of use.
  • Precise - Precision machined components provide unparalleled accuracy when connecting tracks.
Festool Compatibility TS 55, TSC 55, TS 75
Product Type Guide Rail Accessory
Specifications No
Preorder Date Jan 15, 2016
Product Special Message N/A

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