Woodpeckers WHK2096B OneTIME Tool Work Holding Kit for Festool MFTs

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Woodpeckers WHK2096B OneTIME Tool Work Holding Kit for Festool MFTs  -  $229.99



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Multi-Function Workholding for Festool MFT and Conventional Workbenches with 20mm Dog Holes

Woodpeckers New, Quick and Reliable Workholding System. The 2096 Workholding Kit brings ancient, proven and basic workholding techniques into the 21st Century. It's amazing what simple holes, dogs to insert into the holes and the power of the wedge can do. And it's even more amazing how much greater versatility the 2096 Workholding Kit adds to Festool's MFT table. In case you haven't guessed, the "2096" refers to the size and spacing of the holes in the MFT tabletop.

Dogs for Every Job.  The kit comes with 24 dogs machined from solid aluminum. Each dog has a 20mm stem to insert into a hole. Above the stem are heads of varying thickness sized to use with common stock thicknesses. There are eight 1/8" thick for thin stock, (and you'll learn these dogs do tricks in a minute). Another four dogs are 3/8" thick for use with stock in the 1/2" range, four dogs 0.7" thick for 3/4" stock and four that project 2" above the bench top for use on thick material or work standing on edge.

The "trick" dogs feature a 1/2" head with a 2-1/4" long, threaded stem and are used with the 1/5" thick dog. These dogs have female threads. This feature provides variable height projection above the table surface. You can use them to support stock with variable thicknesses and as adjustable height dogs for stock outside the ranges provided by the fixed height dogs.

Phenolic Wedge Plates Provide Power Grip. The 2096 Workholding Kit comes with eight 1/4" thick phenolic plates in three different shapes. The 2" x 14" rectangular plates are used along the edge of stock. Two plates are wider, trapezoid shapes. These plates feature 20mm hole patterns. When these plates are used on an MFT table, the hole spacing provides an infinite variety of placements to accommodate stock sizes and applications. Four additional trapezoid plates complete the wedge system. Use the plates with 20mm holes held firmly in place by the dog stems in the table holes, then drive the wedge shaped plates without holes to create the powerful wedge grip.

Applications? Let Me Count The Ways. Workholding is fixing an item in place so it can be worked on without it moving. As a woodworker, you've used clamps a million times for this purpose. But clamps have their limitations. Clamp jaws severely limit reach, you need the edge of a bench to clamp the work to, they take time to position, adjust and tighten, and they can get in the way of your work.

Workholding, in the broader sense, routinely overcomes these limitations and provides numerous options. You can hold round objects firmly. You can hold work flat or resting on edge for hand planning. When held, objects being power sanded can't "walk" around. Workholding fixes parts during machining operations using a router, Festool Domino or drilling dowel holes. You can hold work while chopping mortises or carving. You can do all this and more at a convenient location on your MFT table or bench.

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When They're Gone, They're Gone! Like all our OneTIME Tools, the 2096 Workholding Kit is only made to order. Let us make one for you! Order deadline is Monday, July 3, 2017. Delivery is scheduled for November 2017.

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