Trade Up to Festool and Save $100 Off!

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$100 OFF - Trade Up to Festool Sale

Between September 17th and October 31st, trade in and trade up to a new Festool. Here's how...

  • Step 1 - Buy Qualifying Tool
    Any new TS 55, TSC 55, HK 55, HKC 55, OF 1010, OF 1400 or OF 2200
  • Step 2 - Register Tool
    Register your tool at
  • Step 3 - Receive Shipping Label
    Pre-paid shipping label will be provided by Festool after you register your qualifying tool
  • Step 4 - Ship Tool
    Send your old trade-in tool, even a screwdriver or tape measure qualifies, to Festool using the prepaid shipping label
  • Step 5 - Get Paid
    Receive a $100 Prepaid Mastercard within 4-6 weeks of receipt of trade-in tool

According to Festool, any tool qualifies for the trade-in, even a $4 tape measure. Literally, trade in ANYTHING that's a tool.

Want even more savings? Receive 10% off of a CT Dust Extractor or MFT/3 table when you bundle it with any Festool power tool.

Qualifying Tools

Elevate your craft with a Festool track saw!

Whether you do fine woodworking or rough construction, Festool has a great track saw solution for you. Trade in any tool for $100 off a new Festool track saw, excluding the TS 75.

The TS 55 and cordless TSC 55 build on Festool's heritage as the innovator of the track saw with a feature-packed platform that results in jaw-dropping fast, easy, perfect cuts every time. Splinter-free, glue ready.

The HK 55 and cordless HKC 55 are Festool's newest addition to its track saw family. They are designed specifically to increase precision and efficiency on the jobsite. Easily make complex compound angle cuts with guided track accuracy. The saw retracts on its rail for super fast rapid-fire cuts.

Experience Router Euphoria!

From the nimble OF 1010 to the beastly OF 2200, Festool has a plunge router that will take your workmanship to the next level. Trade in any tool for $100 off a new Festool OF plunge router, excludes the MFK 700 router.

The OF 1010 router features ergonomics and precision to make it an unbeatable tool. One-handed operation makes it easy to plunge, cut, release, and switch on and off. Its compact design and balanced center of gravity make it effortlessly maneuverable.

The OF 1400 router is Festool's most versatile router packing 1400 watts into less than 10 lbs. It’s got enough power for most routing tasks, yet it's small enough to allow precise control.

The OF 2200 router might easily be confused for a portable shaper. In fact, its our most powerful router, easily capable of plunging into 8/4 hardwoods or making 1/2" grooves in a single pass. It’s easy to control and perfect for jobsite or shop.