Diamondback 5# Utility Bag, Orange

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Diamondback 5# Utility Bag, Orange  -  $19.95


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5# Utility Bag - Key Features

At the heart of the system is the rugged 5# Bag, designed to take the hassle out of the transport, storage and organization of materials and supplies. Stuff them under your seat, drop them off the roof, throw them in the back of the truck, or just hang them on the wall. Your gear has never been this secure.  

2.25 Quart Capacity – Conceived as a replacement for the flimsy cardboard boxes your nails and screws are sold in, the 5#Utility Bag is perfect for just about anything you need to organize, store or carry, whether fittings, hardware, fasteners or really… pretty much anything else.

Drawstring Closure – Quickly and easily secure your supplies, whether on your hip or in the bed of the truck.

Color Coded Webbing – Easy visual reference so you know what’s where at just a glance. 

Label Window – Keep track of the details, for easy reorder or just to know what’s onhand.

Connectivity – A rugged carabiner, an integrated belt clip, and a sturdy leather belt loop provide plenty of options for fast and easy attachment.

Rugged Construction – A ballistic nylon bottom and heavy duty ripstop upper will take all the abuse you can dish out.

System Design – The Diamondback System was designed not only with wall and table storage in mind, but for easy integration with your existing systems from your favorite brands.

Applications:  By itself, the 5# Utility Bag is just that… a bag for your gear.  What we’ve done is to build a system around it, maximizing its usefulness for professionals in virtually every trade, whether rough construction, HVAC, plumbing or fine finished carpentry and woodworking. 

Diamondback Carabiner

A key component for the Diamondback System, our carabiner is no rinky dink keychain.  Versatile, strong and lightweight, it goes well beyond the demands of a 5# Utility Bag, sturdy enough to withstand static loads of up to 400lbs.

Rugged, durable, strong

The ultra-lightweight design can be misleading, as our carabiner is designed to withstand not just the max potential load of our Utility Bags, but whatever jobsite task you might throw at it, however demanding the application.

Secure your gear, quickly and easily

Large gate opening and generous size enables fast and easy attachment to utility bars, belts, belt loops, toolbelts, or just about anything else you might want to hitch up to.

Less snagging, more working

With a wire-gate opening and a large, rounded basket our carabiner is designed to prevent snagging with rope or webbing, and features a nose hood that helps prevent accidental opening. 

Applications: Construction, Woodworking, Shop Organization, and other General Use. Not for Climbing.

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