Festool 495315 MFT/3 Multifunction Table

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In stock
  • Can easily be carried to a jobsite, due to its compact size and light weight.
  • Accurate and repeatable cuts with the guide rail and plunge saw or routers.
  • Clamp faster with uniform holes and Festool clamps.
  • Use with legs folded out, at full height, or folded in and set on the floor.

Festool MFT/3 work tables are the most critical tool in your shop for cutting and assembly operations. Their mobility offers the user a supreme advantage in the field that had only been found in the home or professional work shop. 3 distinct versions of the MFT/3 Multifunction table are available: a "set" version including appropriate accessories for cutting and routing, a BASIC version including only the table, great for material handling, glue ups, sanding and assembly. Lastly a "mini" version is available for use with the Kapex Miter Saw (bringing the deck of the miter saw into perfect alignment with the height of the set and basic version).

The MFT/3 work tables are the progression of the work bench. They can be used with all Festool routers and track saws, as clamping stations and much more. Attach guide rails, angle units, clamps, etc with ease in multiple orientations and arrangements to fit any application. Grid patterned work surface and T-channels throughout provide the foundation for infinite clamping configurations.

  • Use with the guide rail system for cuts, angle cuts, compound cuts, route dados and flutes
  • Uniform grid pattern for secure clamping
  • Easy integration with any and all guide rails
  • Easily stabilized on uneven ground
  • Flat work surface is replaceable and sacrificial
  • Legs fold up for easy portability


  • (2) Guide Rail Supports
  • (1) Angle Unit
  • (1) Fence Rail
  • (1) Fence Rail Clamp
  • (1) Adjustable Stop
  • (1) Guide Rail FS/2 1080 (42" guide rail)
More Information
Product Type Work Table
Table Dimensions45 9/16" x 30 7/16" (1157 x 773 mm)
Working Height [folded down]35 7/16" [7 3/32"] (900 mm [180 mm])
Max. Working Width (with FS Guide Rail)27-9/16" (700 mm)
Max. Workpiece Thickness (with FS Guide Rail)3-1/16" (78 mm)
Weight62 lbs (28 kg)

3-Year Service All-Inclusive Warranty
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For detailed warranty information, please visit the Festool website.

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3-Year Service All-Inclusive Warranty
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For detailed warranty information, please visit the Festool website.

Customer Questions
Can the 42 in track be sustited for the 55in lr 32 track

We cannot substitute the rail that comes with the MFT. However, we can swap the guide rail for the track saws. If you're ordering a track saw along with the MFT, please give us a call to assist you with the swap at 877-866-5688.

When cutting wood directly on the surface of the table, does the track saw score the MDF?

Yes, the MDF does become scored. Unless you move the guide rail position, which is usually unnecessary, you will have a single kerf across the table. If, at some point, you wish to have a fresh kerf the table top can easily be flip horizontal or turned...

Whats the max. cutting lenth

Technically, there's no limit to the maximum length of the material as long as you have something to support it off the table surface. The maximum cut width is 27-9/16" with the fence in its further position to the rear of the table. The distance from...

Can the Makita tracks be used on this table?

Yes! Festool, Makita and Triton tracks (guide rails) all share the same dimensions and extrusion profile. So, they are compatible with each others' accessories, including the MFT/3 Table.

Do you stock a replacement fence rail for the mft table 3. I lost mine, and would like to replace it. If not do you know where I can order it?

Please contact the Festool USA service department for assistance with ordering replacement and spare parts. 1-888-337-8600

Do these tables have out feed extensions that fit into the track system?

No, Festool USA does not offer a purpose-made outfeed solution for the MFT/3 table. However, many other components from the Festool system are the same height as the MFT/3 and could be used to support materials. Of course, you could use a second MFT/...

What size are the holes in the table top? 20mm or 3/4"

WARNING: California residents, see information about Proposition 65