Festool 576340 ETS EC 125/3 EQ 125mm (5") Compact Brushless Finish Sander w/ Systainer³

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  • Powerful 400 watt brushless motor
  • Integrated pad brake to prevent scratches
  • Long service life, especially in production shops
  • Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Virtually no vibration

One of three new sanders from Festool utilizing the latest in brushless motor technology, the ETS EC 125/3 EQ changes the game for the compact finish sanders. The ETS EC 125/3 provides a high quality, swirl-free sanding finish with a random orbital 3mm stroke. The brushless motor provides a very long service life and enables the sander to be very low-profile, quiet and lightweight for improved ergonomics. 

Well suited for production shops, the ETS EC 125 sander's brushless motor means that you have less power consumption and reduced heat, which results in
less vent ducts for cooling and fewer points for infiltration of dust and debris. Variable speed allows you to control the speed of the sander and rate of material removal. With a custom milled counter balance, this sander has virtually no vibration which reduces fatigue and prevents tingly hands after extended periods of sanding. As with all Festool sanders, the ETS EC 125/3 has exceptional dust collection capabilities when paired with a Festool dust extractor.


  • (1) ETS EC 125 Sander
  • (1) Soft Pad for ETS 125 Sander, D125, pre-installed
  • (1) Wrench
  • (1) SYSTAINER³

Note: Dust extractor hose sold separately.

More Information
Power Source Electric
Pad Size 5"
Maximum Oscillations per Minute (OPM) 10000 OPM
Amps 3.3 A
Form Factor Handheld
Product Type Sander

3-Year Service All-Inclusive Warranty
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For detailed warranty information, please visit the Festool website.

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3-Year Service All-Inclusive Warranty
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For detailed warranty information, please visit the Festool website.

Customer Questions
Is the dust extractor a must for the sander when you're starting out ?

No, it's definitely not a requirement. However there are many great benefits like a clean work environment, better finish, health benefits and longer lasting abrasives life. You save 10% when you purchase a Festool CT with any tool.

Does this unit come with a Systainer? If not, is there an option to get one that fits unit?

Yes, it does come in a SYstainer SYS 2 T-LOC.

Can you use dust extraction or vacuum hose that is not festool? can you find adapters that will fit on the tool that is not festool?

Yes, you can use other brands of dust extractors / vacuums. The port has a 1" outer diameter. If your hose is not that diameter, it should be easy to find an adapter for it. Festool's system approach to tool design just makes it easy for all of their...

What is the difference between the 125 and the 150 compact brushless sanders

125 and 150 are the diameters of the pad on the Sanderson millimeters. This is the equivalent of 5" and 6" in imperial measurements. The pad size is the main difference.

No way can I afford the sander AND Festool dust collector so if I attach my shop vac with the flexible (Rockler) small diameter rubber hose I have will the dust be pulled through the port?

Yes, you can use a non-Festool brand vacuum without any issues. There are various stepped adapters and other types of converters that will allow you to connect your shop vac hose to the sander's 27mm (1") port.

How does this compare to the Rotex. Can it remove stock quickly or it it only a finish sander.

The ROTEX sanders feature a dual-mode capability. There's a random orbital mode just as you would find with most finish sanders. But, there's also an aggressive, eccentric gear-driven mode that gives you material removal similar to a grinder. The ETS...

Which small hand sander works for drywall use

Virtually any of the Festool sanders can be used for drywall repair. I would recommend the DTS 400 or RTS 400. They are compact and lightweight and can get into corners unlike a round pad sander. If you would prefer something bigger, consider the ETC...

Does this sander come with an edge guide?

No, there is no edge guide included or available for the ETS E 125.

Does this sander come with a Turbo bag?

No. A dust bag is not included.

Hi, I just bought the Festool 571897 ETS EC 125/3 EQ Compact Brushless Finish Sander, and also bought the Festool Longlife Dust Bag (http://www.festoolproducts.com/festool-201693-long-life-reusable-dust-bag.html). Will the dust bag work on the this model I bought?

The ETS EC 125 does not have Turbo Extraction integrated. Therefore, it doesn't create enough suction on its own to support use with a dust bag. It's recommended to use a dust extractor with this sander.

What comes in the box for the ETS EC125 /3 EQ orbital sander? Can this sander and the sleeved hose be purchased together as a kit?

The sanders with a soft pad, Plug-it power cord, wrench for the pad and manual are included. Festool prohibits discounts for bundling with the sleeved hose.

Can i use the ETS EC 125/3 for polishing?

No, the ETS EC 125/3 is not well suited for polishing since it's a random orbital sander. The ROTEX family of sanders or the SHINEX can be used for polishing since they have a gear-driven mode.

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