Festool Package Discounts

ALERT - Festool Package Discounts End December 31st, 2019!

Festool has announced that The Tool Nut (and other Festool retailers) can no longer offer this 10% off discount after December 31st, 2019. In order to receive 10% off of your Festool dust extractor or MFT, please place your order before this deadline.

Save 10% Instantly on Festool Dust Extractors and MFT Tables!

Add on any Festool Dust Extractor or Multi-Function Table to your order of any Festool power tool (corded, cordless or pneumatic) and save 10% off the price of the dust extractor or table.

How do I get the discount?

Our website will automatically apply the 10% discount to your shopping cart when you add a combination of a Festool power tools and either a dust extractor or MFT table. You can receive this 10% discount on multiple combinations. For example, you can order a TS 55 saw and MFT/3 table along with a Rotex 150 sander and CT 26 dust extractor resulting in 10% off the MFT/3 and the CT 26.

  1. Go to any Festool power tool page on our website
  2. From the dropdown box under the price, select your choice of dust extractor or MFT
  3. Click the "add to cart" button
  4. The 10% instant discount is applied automatically to your shopping cart

Alternatively, add the items one at a time and the discount will be applied automatically.

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