Oneida AXD000009 Ultimate Dust Deputy for Festool Vacs

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Oneida AXD000009 Ultimate Dust Deputy for Festool Vacs  -  $299.00


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The Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy is compatible with all models of Festool Dust Extractors with the exception of the CT-SYS, Bluetooth CT MINI and 2019 CT MIDI


It's what Oneida does, it's who we are. Injection molded from static dissipating plastic, you now have even more options of mounting it in your shop, and easier hose connections with the tapered inlet and outlet (2" inner diameters). Oneida's patented Dust Deputy will transform your wet/dry vacuum. Attach the Dust Deputy and sand for hours. It captures 99% of the dust before it reaches your vacuum, no filter clogging and no loss of suction. You will extend the life of your vacuum and your filters, saving you money on replacements!

What is the Dust Deputy?

The Dust Deputy is an extremely efficient, cyclonic pre-separator for Festool vacuums. Trap dust in the barrel and not in your vacuum. The Dust Deputy will filter 99% of sanding dust, with only 1% going into the vacuum. Extend the life of your wet/dry vacuum and your filters! Turn your vacuum into a HEPA rated vac - with a Cleanstream filter! Injection molded from static dissipating plastic - Added to your existing wet/dry vacuum, it uses centrifugal force to literally spin the material being conveyed right out of the airstream and into the bucket. 99% of the material NEVER reaches your wet/dry vacuum! That means longer life for your vacuum filter as well as your vacuum itself. That translates into savings on replacements. Maintain maximum suction, no loss in airflow and an end to clogged filters! Tapered Inlet & Outlet - accommodates different sized hoses and couplings without the hassle of hunting for the right size connection.

What the Dust Deputy Does For You

Increased Suction Power: Most wet/dry vacuums clog up rapidly. The Dust Deputy knocks out most of the waste before your vacuum so filter stay clean and loss of suction is drastically minimized. Longer Life: With less filter loading you will get longer filter life span and less wear on your vacuum. Easier Dust Emptying: Now you can easily dump the dust out of the bucket without having to even open your vacuum.

What can I use the Dust Deputy for?

We have thousands of customers using our patented design with great success for a variety of applications: Wood Dust - Sanding Dust - Drywall Dust - Clay Dust - Concrete Dust - Bakery / Flour Dust - Panel Saws - Dental Laboratories - Anthropology Laboratories - Corn / Pellet Stoves - Pet Grooming - Central Vacuum Systems... The list goes on and on.

Please check your product's manual for compatibility and consult Festool's warranty for considerations when using third party accessories.

When is it cheaper versus buying Festool's replacement filter bags?

Based on 2017 pricing, here's how many packs of replacement bags you would need to buy to breakeven on the Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy.

  • CT MINI - (9) packs of bags
  • CT MIDI - (7) packs of bags
  • CT 26 - (7) packs of bags
  • CT 36 - (6) packs of bags
  • CT 48 - (5) packs of bags


Please note: The Ultimate Dust Deputy will fit the CT MINI and CT MIDI similar to a Systainer, with some overhang on the Sys-Dock (hose storage compartment).



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