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Simple Scribe
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  • Threaded pencil insert to prevent slipping
  • 1/8" increment offsets for scribe lines
  • Available in green only
  • Made in the USA

Simplescribe was created by a top carpenter so we could deliver high quality work on time, every time to his clients with a minimum of rework required. A few words from the inventor:

Hi. I'm Marty Crochet, a self-employed carpenter and the inventor of the Simple Scribe. Over the years of installing paneling, building cabinets, installing Formica, as well as many other projects that involve scribing to an abnormal wall, always seem to be a pain. You know, trying to set a compass scribe and keeping it set. Or cutting blocks of wood to try to get the right thickness and other methods to get that perfect scribe. This is how I came up with the Simple Scribe. I made my first one out of wood a few years back and used it constantly on many projects. One day, it was sitting on a cabinet that I had just built when a friend of the homeowner came to visit. As soon as he saw the wooden Simple Scribe, he asked where did I get it? I replied, I made it. He then said to make him one. I laughed. The homeowner told his friend that he had no idea what that piece of wood is. "Sure I do", his friend replied. "It's a scribing block. I'm a ship fitter (fitting iron)". "I would use it every day on my job if I had one. Come on, make me one or tell me how you made it". I laughed again. After hearing from someone else how helpful this tool really is, not just in carpentry work but also in the marine business, I decided to have it made for other people to use and make their projects, small or large, quicker and easier to complete using the Simple Scribe.

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WARNING: California residents, see information about Proposition 65.

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